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37 Hill Ave a, Orlando, FL

M-F: 6a-10p, S: 8a-10p

Karl E. Lubbers, Massage Therapist
MA#67668 MM#32966

Karl Lubbers is one of Spa Orlando’s Licensed Massage Therapist. Karl studied massage at Space Coast Health Institute in Melbourne Florida. After graduation, he had the opportunity to work with the Washington Nationals Baseball Club and complete a 100 hour Sports Internship.

karl lubbers

While working in the training room of the Washington Nationals, he gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in the area of sports massage and sports injury rehabilitation. The therapeutic skills he acquired while being mentored by some of the nation’s most outstanding professional trainers and therapists have set him apart as one of the leading massage therapist in the area.

Recently, Karl has taken several continuing education courses on the therapeutic and healing benefits of essential oils. He is also, certified in DoTERRA’s ARoMATOUCH Technique. During the session, eight of the purest essential oils are applied along the spine and feet. The healing properties of these essential oils improve one’s overall health, leaving you emotionally grounded and physically renewed. Clients have been profoundly impacted by this treatment.
Whatever your individual needs may be from a relaxing and rejuvenating Swedish massage for stress relief or a strong therapeutic deep tissue massage to relieve muscular tightness and chronic pain, Karl’s unique therapy session is result oriented for every individual’s unique needs. Once you’ve experienced one of Karl’s massages, you will understand why he is so passionate and dedicated to bring a healing touch to everyone he is privileged to help.

Specialties Include:

•   ARoMATOUCH Technique – an essential oil treatment that rejuvenates your body, soul, & mind
•   Relaxation Swedish Massage
•   Deep Muscle Therapy / Deep Tissue Massage
•   Head, Neck & Back Pain Relief
•   Carpal Tunnel Relief
•   Plantar Fasciitis Relief
•   Reflexology
•   Sports Massage / Sports Injure Rehabilitation - helping athletes reach their ultimate physical potential
•   Therapeutic Massage – Combines the use of several modalities to address the client’s needs

Other Services He Offers:

• Hot Stone Massage
• Aromatherapy
• Body Exfoliation
• Herbal Body Wraps
• Head, Neck, & Back Rejuvenation